MacKellen Media

 SEO services that will 3x your word-of-mouth strategy.

Tired of doing the same damn thing? Let us free up your time to do things you actually love to do.


Mackellen Media is a SEO & Direct Response Copywriting agency based in Portland, Oregon that doesn't have any bearded employees. And because of that, we've been shunned by our own city.


Due to being banished from our own home, our creative-yet-exiled asses had no option but to start this marketing company in a 1999 astro van down by the river with one purpose and one purpose only (other than to put money in our river bank):


And that's to SHOUT from the rooftops of our souls that businesses NOT leveraging digital marketing or separating themselves with words will DIE! Either now or later.


Because you and I both know it. Computers (and social media) aren't going away any time soon...


So instead of LETTING YOU bury your head in the sand and ignore your business's inevitable, online-presence-free death...


We're going to do you a favor and kick you in the shin. Metaphorically.


We'll teach you how to leverage digital marketing to 3x your word-of-mouth strategy. Which, in turn, will allow automation to free up your time and allow you to do the things you actually love doing. ASAP.


So... Stop living your life in a painful, emotional soup full of low-grade stress, panic, and back pain....


And let us kick you in the shin by 3xing your word-of-mouth strategy.


We want to help you succeed and become a long-term SEO partner to you and your business. If you're ready to either begin your transition into digital marketing or take your current SEO strategies to the next level, feel free to send us some info about you and your business here.


Email Marketing

Email marketing has been shown — time and time again — to provide the greatest return for each marketing dollar spent. An average of 3800%. Big email list + giving value to that list = big paycheck.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A sound SEO strategy will allow the value you provide (aka your content) to get seen by those who are looking for it. More views. More conversions. More money in your pocket.

Web Design & Rebranding

Need a done-for-you, SEO optimized website or brand makeover? We'll work with you on a SEO website strategy that enthralls your audience, giving you more traffic and higher conversion rates.

More Leads. More Conversions. More Revenue.

Fair Warning: Only sign up for our newsletter if you like SEO, solving problems, and laughing at bad jokes.

Everyone knows someone who's been burned by a marketing company. So we flipped the script. While our competitors are over-promising and under-delivering, we begin by leading with value.

- Grant Lannin. Owner, Mackellen Media