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Email Marketing, Mkay? The Ultimate Email Marketing Guide

It’s almost 2020, and email marketing still works. Bless up. With all the marketing hype surrounding video ads, AI, VR, chatbots, FB ads, Google Ads, and everything else that “gurus” say will help your business, it can sometimes feel, well… Like this: … Especially with all the contradictory information. But somewhere deep in the abyss…

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BEND SEO; 3 SEO Tips For Bend, OR Business Owners

Does Bend’s Growth Have You Feeling Like This? If so, you’re not alone. Believe it or not, I can actually remember the days when floating down the river at the old mill without bumping into anyone or encountering a screaming child was within the realm of possibility. But now? Fuhgetta bout’ it! According to WalletHub,…

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