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Need A Done-For-You Website With SEO built in?

User-friendly. Mobile Friendly. SEO optimized.

Whether you're building your brand from the ground up, or are considering rebranding, you want a clean, user-friendly website that is optimized for SEO. One that people will find, enjoy, and exchange information with in the form of an email address, phone number, or purchase.

But you also want to make edits, adjustments, and updates to your site without compromising its integrity. You want a great looking site that's easy to use. And that people will find!

And that's exactly what we'll deliver to you.

Some questions to consider before creating your brand (or rebranding) include:


  • Color - What subconscious associations do you want your brand to have?
  • Character - If your brand was a person, what would their personality be like?
  • Emotion - What do you want your customers to feel when coming across your website?
  • Consistency - Is your brand's image consistent across all channels?
  • Value proposition - What do you stand for? And do you repeatedly communicate that with your customers?
  • Voice - Who's your ideal customer? And does your voice speak to them?


Our web design and rebranding process will help you answer these questions. And as an added bonus, we also offer a free 1 hour training call on how to manage your new website. So you'll have all the tools you need to keep it running smoothly.

Keeping SEO In Mind

If you're thinking about redesigning your website, it is crucial that you take SEO into consideration. Failing to do so will risk losing current traffic or rankings.

Here are a few quick questions to ask yourself and become aware of before going through with the redesign process.

1. Which pages on your website get the most traffic and referrals?

2. Which pages on your website have the most backlinks?

3. Will your top pages (the ones found by answering questions 1 and 2) have a different URL?

4. Are you deleting any pages? Is deleting those pages a necessity?

5. Where will the deleted pages be redirected to? Are you going to be targeting a keyword?

6. Are you losing internal links with the deleted pages? And if so, where are the lost links leading to?

8. What changes are being made to the site architecture? And how are these changes going to affect your internal linking structure?

9. Are you going to change the content on the new pages, or keep it the same?

10. Will you carry the current on-page optimization on to the new site, or revamp it?

11. Are you going to be using the same images, and if so, have they been geo-tagged?

12. Are any of the removed images generating any traffic?

Mobile Is Taking Over... Are You Riding The Wave?

Did you know that 61% of viewers will abandon your site if it doesn’t work well on mobile?

And with MORE searches now coming from mobile than desktop, having a site that works seamlessly on a mobile device is crucial.

But the people who search on mobile aren't just searching. They're purchasing.  And they're purchasing from businesses on the first page of Googe (the ones who are SEO optimized).

Check this out:

88% of consumer local business searches on a mobile device either call or visit the business within 24 hours.

And all that traffic is going to businesses on the first page!

What You'll get When Working With Us

Aside from unmatched customer service and a true dedication to delivering maximum value...

You'll also get a fully functional, easy-to-use, SEO optimized website that your customers (and search engines) will love. One that you can be proud showing to your customers and is consistent with your brand image.

On top of that, we've consolidated the web design and SEO processes to make your life just a little bit simpler.

If you're ready to kickstart your business venture, send us your ideas below and watch them come to life.