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If you're a business owner in Portland and you think your word of mouth strategy could use a little kick in the 'arse... then you've come to the right place.

A lot of the business owners we talk to in the Portland area feel uncertain about using SEO to grow their business. They understand that SEO - and driving any type of traffic to their business - is massively important, but deep down, they are unsure if a tailored-to-them SEO strategy will be able to compete with the word-of-mouth strategy that they've worked so long to build up and maintain. Or even worse, work against it.

If you feel like you're in this situation, or simply want to begin establishing your reputation online... I have great news.

The great news is that a well-thought-out SEO strategy will only add fuel to your word-of-mouth fire. And if done correctly, can actually take it to a whole new level with the use of strategic “share with your friends” buttons that you can show to your customers when the positive experience of your business is fresh on their mind.

But what separates our Portland SEO company from the thousands of others that claim they're also Samurais of search engines?

The answer is simple... speed.

But let me add one more: We also actually care. (Crazy, right?).

While other Portland SEO companies are boxing you into 6 month contracts and leaving you wondering if the results will ever come... we'll get you tangible results in the first month. For free.

...And THEN offer you no obligation, month-to-month contracts.

We believe that the best way to do business is by building high-quality relationships that are based on transparency, honesty, and trust. And we also believe there's a right way and wrong way to do that.

The wrong way to do that would be to promise a pipe dream, lock a client into a blind 6 month contract, keep promising them results when they can clearly see nothing is happening, and then bail when the contract is up. That's called short term thinking.

The right way to do it is to tell the client exactly what you're going to do and how long it's going to take, deliver what you said you're going to, let the results speak for themselves, and then have the client willingly renew the contract while telling their friends about your services.

That's called long-term thinking. And we like doing that more.

In fact, we believe in it so much, we're going to literally give you our secrets for Portland SEO success. Right now.

The Simple Guide For Portland Business Owners to Magnetically Attract Customers To Their Website Using SEO

If you're currently looking to increase your search rankings for the purpose of driving more traffic to your website, then reach out to us here and ask about the free trial. But, if you're the do it yourself and then reach out type, here is the super simple guide that you've been looking for.

Step 1: Figure out what your customers are searching for

The first step to attracting more customers is first figuring out what your current customers enjoy. And the words they use to express those things they enjoy. For example, a millennial may search for your pizza business using terms like "Best pizza in Portland" or "Portland Pizza", while baby boomers and older generations will tend to type larger phrases like "Where is the best pizza in Portland" or "Where can I find the best pizza in Portland".

The key is: learn how your customers think and what words they use. You will get in front of them easier and resonate more when you do.

Step 2: Create Content That Attracts them

If you want to use SEO to attract customers to your business in Portland, then you're going to need to give them content to look at. Like what you're reading right now.

Doing this is as simple as writing the most helpful "best comedy clubs in Portland" article on Google, and then sharing it with friends. If the market thinks your post is valuable, and you have the keywords included that you've researched, you will do O.K.

The funny thing is, you can also leverage content that you've used to attract one audience to attract another as well. And this article is a perfect example.

Let me explain.

For this post, I want to attract business owners that want to get more traffic to their business using SEO. The only problem is, a LARGE MAJORITY of business owners that aren't currently using SEO don't know what SEO is, how it works, or what it does.

.... So why am I writing this post?

The answer is leverage.

Once this post dominates the other SEO competition in Portland, I can truthfully use the "we beat all other SEOS, imagine what we can do for your business" pitch. And when the proof is in the pudding, that is power. I do not say this to brag, but to show you that you can leverage content in one area to attract customers in a different one.

Step 3: Analyze, iterate and repeat

The final step is checking out your results and brainstorming any changes you may need to make.

The biggest problem people run into is finding a method / strategy that works, and then instead of doing more of it, they abandon it in search of a strategy that works just a little bit better.

Fight this with all your might. Once you crack the code of reality, ride that success wave to the happy land. And then iterate when you've built up a fair amount of results and momentum.


I hope you enjoyed reading this article about Portland SEO. Although I really do hope you enjoyed it, writing this conclusion gave me a legitimate excuse to write "Portland SEO" two more times, which never hurts 😉

If you're currently in the market for SEO services or know anybody who needs them, feel free to send them over to us and we'll treat them kind of like your grandma would treat your best friend if he needed a temporary shelter. Unless she was abusive, of course.

I guess what I'm trying to say is... We'll take care of you. And we're good at SEO.